Secret cave at Johnston Canyon


A picture perfect view from a secret cave at Johnston Canyon. This beautiful boulder in the middle looks like the bow of a ship, stranded in the middle of the forest.

I think this is the most spectacular view at Johnston Canyon.

Saw the images of this place online and I wanted to find and capture this. You need to keep an eye open as it is not clearly visible from the path, but at a right bend, I could notice an opening under a view point, and I said to myself that must be it!

It had just rained and the trail down to it was pretty muddy and slippery. Once you get down there, walk into the cave and look back, you are graced with this spectacular view.

It was not long before other hikers ventured down into the cave, but had enough time to take a couple of shots before they did :)

Gilbert Vancell
Gilbert Vancell