The inevitable just happened – nature has taken away what it created a long time ago.
All parts of the Azure Window are now gone, even its base was swept away by the sea.

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Slowly shaped by the Sea

February 17, 2017

This is how the rough sea is silently shaping our coastline. Read More

Our 1st Donation to the Park

December 06, 2016

Meeting Alex of Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park to hand in our donation.
We donate 5% of every fine art print sale to Nature Trust (Malta), Din l-Art Ħelwa and The Gaia Foundation. Read More

Secret cave at Johnston Canyon

September 09, 2016

A picture perfect view from a secret cave at Johnston Canyon. This beautiful boulder in the middle looks like the bow of a ship, stranded in the middle of the forest.

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Apart from the darkest skies I have seen in years, for me the highlight was the Aurora activity far up North on the horizon…. you won’t see that from Malta!

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Out there with the stars
at ‘il-Blata tal-Melħ’, Baħrija, Malta
A 542.8MP, wide-angle, multi-row panorama of 18 images in 3 rows
Captured on the 18th of August, 2015

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September 20, 2015

‘il-Blata tal-Melħ’, Baħrija, Malta

Centuries old, these weathered, stone-dug stairs might have been used to easily access the sea below.
This flat stretch of coastline is full of salt pans, most probably serving communities
who used to live here since the Bronze Age.

Their clean, symmetric alignment with the cliff-edge and horizon always fascinated me.
A perfect combination with the Milky Way straight-up in the Summer sky.

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Nothing beats being out at sea to experience the night sky. You get away from the mainland light pollution, but you need a solid platform like a rock to capture or observe it properly.

Filfoletta was the perfect spot!

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