Our Custom Framing

Available for customers in Malta and Gozo


Our Framemaker

All our frames are custom made by Mr. Ludvic Attard of Lakoon, a framemaker in Żebbug with whom we have collaborated since we started. 

When framed, the fine art prints are mounted to a 6 cm (2.5”) wide mount/matt in an off-white colour that best suits the print. A foam board is applied at the back and tape-sealed to the wooden profile to block-out moisture and dust. Without this measure, the paper might wrap and even mould in humid environments. We strongly recommend custom framing carried out by a professional to ensure the ultimate display finish and protection for your fine art print.

Our Frame Profiles

We have chosen to offer black and white frame profiles as they are the best match for an artwork, especially photographic fine art prints. A frame should not distract attention from the print, but is there to complement and protect.

We offer two kinds of frame profiles — a clean/smooth finish and one that has a wood grain texture. Both are deep box frames, helping the overall finished framed fine art print to stand out when it is up on the wall or resting on a shelf.

Black & White Box Frames (Clean/Smooth Finish)

Black & White Box Frames - Wood Texture


Interested in other frame profiles?

If you would like to choose another type of frame than the ones we offer, simply order your favourite fine art print from us and choose from a wider selection of frames from any professional local framemaker. We recommend you to visit our trusted framemaker Ludvic. He will guide you in choosing the right frame for you and your fine art print. You will discover that he is a very talented artist himself.