50 x 50” limited edition print

‘An Infinite Bond’ – The Milky way over the Azure Window

After the unexpected collapse of the Azure Window last March, I wanted to celebrate our lost natural icon by making my Milky Way panorama – ‘An Infinite Bond’ – available as a large
50 x 50” framed art print, for a limited run of 33.

This was my most challenging panorama so far, and also the largest in resolution. Composed from 45 frames, it has a maximum resolution of 847MP, making it ideal to be printed large with out losing detail.

Since I started shooting panoramas, my goal was always to, one day, shoot this magical place under the majestic Milky Way, arching from West to North in the Summer night sky. I wanted to fit in one image all the interesting features this place had to offer. Little I knew that shooting at the edge would give me a circular effect when combining all the images together. Visually looking like a closed circle, this creates an infinite bond between the Earthly elements of land and sea with the night sky. The rough sea was a bonus that night, which added movement and texture to the shoreline.

This image carries with it also a sentimental value. Another unexpected loss which came too soon. I captured this scene on the 22nd of August 2015, in the early morning hours of my Mum’s 66th Birthday. Little did I know that I had to lose her a few weeks later. She was suffering from a blood disorder (MDS) which required a marrow transplant, but unfortunately other conditions always pushed back this from happening, until it was too late.

So this is also my personal tribute to a loving Mum, who shaped the person I am today.
In Memory of Maria Stella Vancell — my loving Mum, my guiding Star.

Details and Pricing:

‘An infinite Bond’
The Milky way over the Azure Window and the Blue Hole complex in Dwejra, Gozo.
A Wide-Field, Multi-Row Panorama of 45 images in 5 rows.

Captured on the 22nd of August, 2015.

'Special Mention' 2016 TWAN International Earth & Sky Photo Contest.

50 x 50"
| 1270 x 1270mm
Giclée Photographic Print on 300gsm Smooth Cotton
Black Box Frame, Wood Texture | 1420 x 1420mm
Limited Edition of 33, signed and numbered:

01 - 11

€ 1,200 + VAT


Print only € 800 + VAT

12 - 22 

€ 1,400 + VAT


Print only € 1,000 + VAT

23 - 33 

€ 1,600 + VAT


Print only € 1,200 + VAT

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