Values, Goals & Contributions

Contributions of Fine Art Print sales

To help safeguard Malta's natural environment and to support a raise of awareness on related issues, I have chosen to donate 5% of every fine art print sale to Nature Trust (Malta),
Din l-Art Ħelwa and The Gaia Foundation.

Together these NGO’s take care of Malta's National Park — Majjistral Nature and History Park, which I frequently visit for trekking and photography. In addition, the NGO's all carry out great projects and initiatives individually, which further motivates me to support them. For example:
  • Caretaking of Natura 2000 sites,
  • coordinate wildlife rescue teams and rehabilitation facilities,
  • restoration and preservation of heritage sites and
  • various other educational programs and campaigns.

By purchasing a fine art print, you will be helping these environmental NGO’s to keep doing their important work.


My Values & Goals – put the environment first

As a landscape photographer I spend a lot of time outdoors. Me and my friends love trekking around the coast of Malta, exploring valleys and scouting for new scenery. Being out in nature has made us more aware of the negative effects of littering and light pollution. We often come across garbage that has been washed ashore, mostly plastics that are hazardous to the wildlife both on land and at sea. These should not be there and with some more care, they could have been properly disposed of and recycled. Astrophotography also made me aware of light pollution and its negative effects on us humans and wildlife. Strong artificial light — at times when it shouldn't be — not only kills the night sky, but also disrupts natural regenerative cycles. The life and beauty of our world resides in our natural environment, which is why I believe in supporting the work of environmental NGOs.

I also believe that people need to be reminded of nature's value and preciousness. A fine art print of a landscape or starscape photograph is more than home decoration – it is a reminder, a pause. Photography can explore the forgotten corners, present new perspectives on known landmarks and seize those magical moments of the day that most of us tend to miss.

Through fine art prints I can share these moments and places and hopefully increase the love and respect for our stunning subjects. I want to encourage and inspire people to go out and explore what is in their own backyard. I am also pushed by the thought that not everyone have the possibility to access these areas. A fine art print is a way to experience the beauty of nature that is available for everyone.

I strongly believe in sustainability and aim to minimise our impact on the environment.  This is one of the reasons I chose to offer high quality fine art prints, which will have a long lifetime in their owners’ home.